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HDMI Cable Buying Guide – How To Buy Right HDMI Cable

There is a lot of different HDMI cables on the market, if you have recently purchased a new TV from one of the main electrical retailers they have likely tried to up-sell you an HDMI cable, usually with an extra warranty. The HDMI cables that the salesman usually recommends with your new TV are usually gold or platinum plated and come at an eye-watering price, but is this worth it? In this article all, you need to know about HDMI cables which will help you pick the right cable for you.

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HDMI Standards

Before I progress on on which HDMI cables to but it’s very helpful to have an understanding of the HDMI standards and what speeds/ resolutions that these supports. I will be writing a blog on this soon. As time has gone on the data carrying capacity has had to dramatically increase to be able to support HD resolutions like 4K and UHD, whereas when HD TV’s first came out these only were really required to display 720p. Beneath are some of the HDMI standards in order:





HDMI 1.4

HDMI2.0 – 4K – Ultra High Definition

HDMI2.1 – 4K – Ultra High Definition

It’s important to note that as each HDMI version has progressed it is backward compatible with the old standards, so no need to go and buy a new cable if you want to connect an old DVD/ Bluray etc. I personally at present install at least HDMI 2.0 cables for my customers to future proof our installations as much as possible. No point burying cables in walls if you have to cut away at the plaster and brickwork if you need to replace them again.

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